Innocence is another form of Stupidity

March 23, 2012
They did it.
They did the one thing that could severely piss me off.
What sort of idiots would do this thing?
Ones that have no emotional or physical investments.
Ones that can be guiltless because they believe they did the right things.
Ones that believe they know exactly what they are doing, but in all actuality have no clue as to the severity of the crime they’re committing.
The worst part is I can’t even call them idiots because they are not stupid, or slow, or any such demeaning term.
They are innocent.
They are young.
They are repulsively irreproachable because they didn’t think they were doing wrong.
So now I have no one to blame but myself, and my stupidity for leaving them unsupervised.
My own innocence in all the madness is that I didn’t believe they were still young enough to do such things, and now I’ve paid the price.
They’re blamelessness.
My mistake.
My regrettably pissy mood.
All thanks to innocence.
Innocence is another form of stupidity.

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