March 23, 2012
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Hey what’s up?
Nothing, you?

The conversations are always happening,
Through texting, computers, over and over
The keyboards type with the same expression, the same voice.
Squawking, sending, chirping, receiving

Always talking but never communicating,
What is the point of these words?
They don’t really tell me what you need to say,
They don’t tell me how you feel today.

In my opinion they are a waste of time
To know that you are doing “nothing”
And for me to tell you that I am doing “nothing”
But everyone else seems to think of it as “really something!”.

I don’t care for sitting inside the cage with the same feathery words.
I’d rather see your smiling face
As I tell you my silly story
I could see a live wild “lol”, if they aren’t already extinct

I find the conversation cage rather dull
There’s no true reaction for repeated emotionless words
I know this is the communication that society favors,
But try teaching your phone new words!

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