No Regrets

March 23, 2012
By Anonymous

I’ve felt the hatred engulfing me,
Pinning me to the ground,
Suffocating me as I struggle to climb back up.
I’ve watched in horror as my friends were torn to shreds.
Just a few people,
With a sole mission—to bring them down.
I watched them experience the same pain I had.
Watching, is worse than feeling.

I was thankful for my pain.
For the first time, it had a use.
I was able to help others;
I was able to find a smile back in a mountain of refuse.
I was a relatable friend,
One they could confide in.
I was a friend who understood, and a friend that would always be there for them.

I have no regrets,
Nothing in my life that I wish I could change.
The pain, sorrow, and grief has always brought me to something amazing.
I believe everything has a reason.
By going through pain,
I now know how to help others from the dark.
I’ve discovered how to light the torch,
I’ve learned to help whenever I can.
Everything has a reason,
Have no regrets.

The author's comments:
I was bullied in Elementary School, and as my friends get bullied, it's amazing to be able to help them through it.

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