life is a horror movie

March 23, 2012
By xxbreexx8p BRONZE, Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania
xxbreexx8p BRONZE, Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania
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just because i always have a smile on my face doesn't mean i don't hurt and that when im alone i don't cry.

Life is a horror movie
The one that keeps you on the edge of your seat
While the intensity of the music makes your heart race
Life is that moment in the movie
When you watch the first person as they die
It still scares you even though you saw it coming
Life is just as pathetic as watching
The people run from the killer
Even though it’s no use he’ll catch up
And kill them in a slow, painful, and unique way
It’s that moment during the film
Where the person you didn’t like from the start
Is being killed and you feel no sympathy
You may even grin or laugh at the sight
Life is that moment in the end
Where the final person or two are saved
But all those people had to suffer and die
To get that one big moment of relief

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