March 23, 2012
By Daree BRONZE, Hillside, New Jersey
Daree BRONZE, Hillside, New Jersey
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Define yourself before someone else will!!

Is that all you dreamed to be
Just a pretty face for everyone to see
But truthfully
There’s nothing to be gained from such a figure
Your presence is boldly noticed
But is anyone listening when you speak
Perhaps not, They’re too mesmerized by your thighs
Their eyes are so far below the shoulders
That the eyes on your face are almost,
Too impossible to reach
It’s another
Sisyphean mission that has yet to be attacked
You speak so loudly
And yet you’re not heard
Perhaps by now,
You would’ve gotten the word
Your Medusa like subduction has been your own demise
One look at you and we all turn to stone
And not free to roam
Our bodies have seemed to surpass our minds
Don’t you see what you’re doing to me
Slowly dying with patience
Maybe tonight she will break free of the plastic
No one can withstand that dimension of life for long
You remain in Barbie World,
In search of Ken
Hoping that your childhood innocence,
Would somehow reappear,
In the form of,
It’s okay
Just cry
For we all have been misguided by the lies
Together we can wash away the darkness of the past
Along the way we will lead your followers,
Into the light of the new dimension
Only then will we learn the hard lesson of,
Are you listening to me
Please don’t let my words fall on,
Deaf, Plastic ears
By then I would have already shed too many tears
So now I’ll wait
Let’s see how long it will take for you to move on,
I wonder,
How many days,
Will you remain wrapped,
In Ken’s arms

The author's comments:
I originally wrote this poem over winter break of last year. It all began with my sister in a way. She had then just came back home from college and was excited to tell me about this young poet by the name of Jasmine Mans. So we both went on her Tumblr and viewed the video of one of her most renowned poems “ The Miseducation of A Barbie Doll ”. Her poem mainly focused on women figures who were being used as puppets of societal entertainment. One of the more prominent figures present in her poem is Nicki Minaj. As a fan, Mans charged Nicki to be more than just a sex symbol. She charged her to be the role model that she has the potential to be. After watching such a powerful message i then asked myself, what can i do to be apart of this movement? Finally I answered my question in the form of my poem “ Barbie”.

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