Winter Kiss

March 24, 2012
By Darkecho15 SILVER, McCurtain, Oklahoma
Darkecho15 SILVER, McCurtain, Oklahoma
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Once was a boy
his gaze icy and blank,
who sat atop a stool
until his head went feint

He sat on his stool
covered in snow
until the angels came home
to welcome the boy

His lips were pale
and his heart glassy
no longer full of warmth

He waited
and waited

Until the day that that angel would come
in the wintry snow until the sun

Because even though his heart was dead
his eyes still shone winters dread

That boy went limp as the sun shone true
No angel seeking but no devil too

Until morn did the angel come
his lips icy under the morning sun

He lay atop a kiss upon the good boys head
welcoming him to heaven, no longer waiting

A winters kiss
did the angel lay
atop the head
of the dead boys


The author's comments:
An angel descended.

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