The Steps of a Winning Runner

March 21, 2012
Everything’s all good,
But don’t try to sprint without stretching,
First buy the proper gear, spikes and tennis shoes I would.
For the proper gear is key, because this sport is no simple fetching,
Having the right utensils is necessary for training, although the tools are only a small portion of
the foundation that builds the athlete.
Secondly is finding your form, the running form is a set structure that you make into your own
and is what you will work at maintaining.
The form will help you out the most, it is something that you cannot cheat.
Instead you must work at it until is nearly perfect,
Then all of the hard work will pay off and at the meets it will be worth it.
In this particular form, you must start low and eventually end up with your eyes facing
Do not try and stand immediately, festina lente, or hurry slowly.
While many may think this a quick sport, it’s all about the small skills,
There are all different sorts.
Once a form is taken and the arms are bent to ninety degrees, the actually running can begin,
But there is no pounding of the knees.
Stomping hard will only cause you to go back to step one before you start all of the fun.
The running part should come with ease,
Because the form, skills, and tools all agree.
A flower cannot blossom without rain,
And a runner cannot win without the necessary skills above that are attained.

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