March 26, 2012
By Anonymous

I wait all day,
From dawn to dusk
All alone and in utter silence so deep,
You can lose yourself in it and never return.
Some days they forget,
But I don’t care
They try their best
Certainty more than the rest.
The moon is high,
The world wrapped in night,
I hear the rattling of the door knob turning.
Then they stumble inside
But alas!
They cannot stay.
And at the rising of the sun,
A car’s explosive sound reaches me,
And they leave till dusk.
So I wait for the day
In which they can stay.

I wait many nights,
Only seeing a glimpse of them.
Other times,
They can only feed me;
The sound of food hitting the bowl,
Is like the emptying of my soul,
A pain beyond pain,
The sound of the door banging shut,
Is the only break in the dead silence.
I watch behind iron bars
As they come and go,
I plead to their weathered faces,
But still, they can never find time.
So I wait for the day
In which they can stay.

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