The Way It Happened

March 26, 2012
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I see a red koi 
In a light blue stream
With sparkles of silver and white in he silent splashes when leaves draw him to the surface on this still day
Tall trees and a pathway 
Stones line the edges of this stream
Grey and brown with dandelions sprouting in between them
The wind crawls over the water and ripples whisper to each other
Coming to a slow hover the koi closes its greenish eyes
The wind halts as a shimmering droplet rolls from it's left eye 
Sending a pulse through the water the tear grows 
Forming fins and a tail
Two brown eyes 
And orange scales
Swimming in a circle the red fish is in awe 
That from its pain 
A companion was born
A lover 
A listener
A comforter 
A friend 
Swimming in the stream
right there beside him 


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