She Remembers

March 25, 2012
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She remembers the way youth filled her eyes,
How her laugh could pierce a room, igniting it with life.
She recalls the way the world was an adventure,
How new possibilities lurked behind every corner.
She thinks back to her freedom,
The ability to wander the planet,
No destination at hand,
And still be content.

But now she is bound by age,
Confined to a chair,
Riddled with plague.
The adventure is lost,
The excitement long gone.
Where is the hope that had once fueled her bright flame?

Her eyes settle on a shadow.
Intrigue fills her bones.
The unknown is calling
And her spirits are lifted.

She raises a cold, shaky hand, reaching
As the once-familiar adrenaline floods in,
She realizes softly, her adventure is yet to begin.

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