Maybe one Day they'll say I'm Just Like you

March 25, 2012
By ManaMay GOLD, Port Huron, Michigan
ManaMay GOLD, Port Huron, Michigan
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** We are heroes with a thousand faces**
*I swim for brighter days despite the absence of sun*

Never a women so strong
never a heart so brave
the biggest impact in my life anyone could have gave.
Staying strong for family
fighting off the tears
taking troubles day by day
pushing through the years.
No good dead goes unpunished
and for you that just seemed fact
for every good thing that you did
two things hurt you back.
You'd spread a smile from ear to ear
at least for the children's sake.
A warm, strong, loving women
whom we never thought could break.
knowing all that you've accomplished
every challenge you've been through
Mom The only thing that I can wish
is that god lets me be like you.

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