March 25, 2012
By Mrs.LindseyWalker. BRONZE, Morristown, Tennessee
Mrs.LindseyWalker. BRONZE, Morristown, Tennessee
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I heard your a player...
nice to meet you I'm the coach.(:

Now it's alot about what you wear,
where you live,
And even who you date!
These girls who judge are just
insecure people
Trapped in a closet
and beating on a door,
To get out.

They just want attention,
and theyy hate seeing someone
happy,because they know they
aren't. Because somehow,someone
isn't paying them tha attention
they want. Maybe a mother, father,
boyfriend, bestfriend..

But they prey on people with less money than them,
with cheaper clothes than them,
with cheaper makeup ,
and a smaller house even!
But no longer are they affecting me.
Because I'm Going to do ME,
Not who They want me to be.

The author's comments:
It isn't about the money you have,what you wear, eat, where you live, who you date, or who your best friend is. ITS ABOUT BEING YOURSELF. Forget those whos don't like it. I'm TIRED of letting people push me around. So I'm Standing up.(:

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