The Leak

March 25, 2012
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In March 2003, our country invaded
A tiny nation that was apparently degraded
By a vicious man that was inflicting persecution
And creating weapons of mass annihilation,
But little did Americans understand
That Sadaam was actually no firebrand
And did not produce any real weapons of mass destruction,
However George told us not to reveal that information.
It was the time of year that the cherry blossoms began to freeze,
A crisp October day with a swift breeze
That was marked by a startling revelation
By one brave soul filled with temptation,
A member of the Central Intelligence Agency had done the unexpected
Through disclosing the truth to a country that was once connected.

The next day they assigned me to investigate the breach
And find the supposed leach
Who could have been any one in the C.I.A.
That felt an itch to disobey,
But with my superior abilities
I narrowed down the possibilities
To a short list of spies that had a hidden exasperation
Within the upper echelons of the organization.

Back at Langley, the foul odor of defeat
Was complemented by the fragrant aroma of an individual’s feat,
Creating an interesting mood
When I interviewed the five-suspect brood.

Before I speak more
It seems wise to not ignore
Each one of these individuals’ respective situations,
The wide range of behaviors that may have convinced one of them to make the decisions
To reveal the truth about the United States
Which will help me identify their fates
According to their appearance and specialty
Along with their political views and personality.
I will first start with a woman named Ivy Wu
Who wore a dress that was cobalt blue,
A bulky necklace with jasper stones
And boots with hazel tones.
The daughter of Chinese immigrants,
She grew up in San Francisco with great diligence.
Ivy eventually attended Wesleyan University,
Majoring in international relations and diversity,
Along with obtaining a world view
And becoming a proponent of the A.C.L.U.
Ivy came to the C.I.A. and immediately made it upstairs,
Soon becoming the Director of Ethnic Affairs,
Where she makes sure the U.S. is respecting other societies’ ways of life
When we attempt to end strife.

Another suspect is Ethan Silverman,
A man who has investigated the governments of countries like Bhutan and Iran.
He serves as the Director of Political Operations,
Making him responsible for the investigation of the regimes of foreign nations.

The son of liberal Jews,
He grew up in Great Neck with his parent’s political views
Compelling him to pursue a political career
And attend New York University—the progressive frontier.

Today he sported a shaggy-yet-sophisticated haircut,
Fine Ferragamo loafers that were exceptionally haute,
A stylish scarlet colored cashmere sweater,
And chestnut tinted khaki pants that were a trendsetter.
Along with him there was his boss, Wesley Scotts,
One of the agency’s big shots,
He works as the Chief of Clandestine Operations
And is in charge of all of the country’s overseas investigations.

He was born in Dallas
And frequented the church to overcome racist malice,
Giving him the motivation to follow the word of god
And create a conservative façade.

There was also a man that goes by the name Andrew Hatch
That was once in a boxing match
With the president’s dad
Over thinking the Gulf War could go bad
By attacking a nation that did not attack us
And creating such a huge fuss.
He now serves as the Chief of the Defensive Operations Analysts,
Where he attempts to find information on impending catalysts.
A woman named Veronica Bradford is the final suspect,
As a native of a Georgetown elite sect
She attended posh private schools that were world-renown
And became friends with the children of powerful congressmen downtown.
She later matriculated to Yale
And became a killer whale,
Through joining the Young Republicans Club
She perfected her ability to snub
And obtained a superb opportunity
To join the world’s most preeminent community.

Veronica was given a job in the Reagan administration
As a speech writer on defense and taxation,
Preparing her for her current position as the Analytical Director of the C.I.A,
A job that involves navigating through all of the foreign intelligence everyday.

Do you know the individual that smelled of feat
Or have you experienced defeat
And need to continue your flirtation
With these highly unique individuals’ illustration?

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