Without Maddy

March 25, 2012
Can you see my smile, how about the undertone,
Which runs deeper than surface, than even bone,
It’s what plagues me, hides beneath my eyes,
Darkness lurks, but to the surface it doesn’t rise,
I may look happy, but I’m not, and I don’t know why,
Something’s missing from my life, something’s gone dry,
Perhaps its Maddy and Lilith, who had to die,
Maybe they gave me something that I have no more,
Like love, and acceptance, imbibed in my very core,
Maybe that was shattered, and I became broken,
Because after losing her, only my sorrow has spoken,
Perhaps I was too young to love her so dam much,
Because now I’m injured, without a crutch,
I never thought we would be so far apart,
That a world would separate us, hurt our heart,
One so young, should never feel such pain,
It breaks us, even as we shed tears like rain,
It scars our heart, hurts our very soul,
I will never be healed, until I fill my hole,
I knew true love, lived with it every day,
It’s hard to live without, I can’t even say,
How can I live without Maddy by my side,
We loved each other so much, it was our pride,
I wish she was hear, and had never died.

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