March 25, 2012
I have secrets so deep, that I’ll never tell,
Tucked away, deep inside my inner well,
Where they reside, dormant and still,
Slowly corroding away much of my will,
Yet a few of them have become revealed,
Broken away from the chains keeping them sealed,
One told to a woman who has an angel wing,
But shockingly, she shares the same thing,
Another gifted to one who’s been where I’ve been,
She understands, helping me again and again,
The last cast to one who loves the mind,
And a solution I hope we’re able to find,
Three secrets gone, so few of them remain,
I’m letting one more go, no longer solo to my brain,
This one told to one who had unique sight,
I know it will help her in times of night,
But the rest of my secrets, will be an inner post,
Given only to those, who need them most

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