Everyones Battle

March 25, 2012
Black moods obliterate the day,
Keeping happiness on a distant cay,
A day that could be good, kept at bay,
And for what, what someone had to say,
Why ruin your day, over something small,
When it could be your last, of them all,
Stand with pride; keep yourself erect and tall,
When life shoves you, and you find yourself in fall,
Pick yourself up; don’t give in to another’s will,
Just keep climbing, no matter how steep the hill,
And always look for the branching of a rill,
Pure is what they offer, always drink your fill,
Live to the fullest, keeping the day bright,
Rage against evil, do so with all your might,
Keep at bay, the power of the night,
Don’t be afraid, this is everyone’s battle to fight,
Even those lost, can gain again their sight,
Be careful thought, don’t lose the light.

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