ode to the forsaken

March 25, 2012
By soulreaper SILVER, Santa Ana, California
soulreaper SILVER, Santa Ana, California
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Yea, we walk by,
Smiles, ten-thousand feet high.
Act normal, to please this crappy society.

But when we’re alone, with our demons and shadows
Were tormented, & reminded, by our own sorrows.

Our families, the ones who should protect us, they failed us, and left us.
We must now join, into the underworld,
Our hearts bleeding, fingers curled.

You are the releaser, absorbing my pain….
To you, my son, I give you bread and wine
A crown of leaves & twine
You shall not be invisible anymore.
Our bond shall not be turned.

To your loving mother, & my nurturing wife,
I give her the sacred relic,
The Lonestar kiss, reliever of strife.
Healer of shameness, all-forgiving
Bashfully blinding, those who judge.
I can’t thank them, those who judge me, enough,
Because without them,
I shan’t be who I am now,
& like pure snow.
My son and my wife
Have merged, into one,
& given me, sweet yearned freedom. :}

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