Home For You

March 25, 2012
By ardelidoo2 SILVER, Seattle, Washington
ardelidoo2 SILVER, Seattle, Washington
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It's where you feel like yourself

It's where you find yourself growing up

It effects us, but does not have to shape us

We choose how our home is incorporated in our lives

Some want it as apart of us

Others choose to forget were they some from

Some choose to brag about their homes

Others want to avoid the topic all together

The truth is, a home is a different meaning to all

A home doesn't have to be where you grew up from a child

A home could be where you grew more mature, or even watched your family grow

A home doesn't have to be a house with a white picket fence

Don't fear from the future because of your past

Find your home, where ever you are

The world is our home, no matter what, you can always turn to the world

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