Wake Up

March 25, 2012
By ardelidoo2 SILVER, Seattle, Washington
ardelidoo2 SILVER, Seattle, Washington
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You awake form a drone sleep

Stretching you fingers an toes under the covers

The blanket feels heavy and stiff

Being buried is no fear for you

Your eyes feel heavy and the lids feel glued together

Your nose twitches when a light scent crawls past it

Your legs are heavy, made of steel

Growing up, you think only bears going into hibernation

You are now the bear

Rustling appears from the rooms below yours

You hear the front door opening and closing

Little laughs go back and forth

Your senses are coming life, slowly but steady

Your head is still buried under the mounds of pillows from the fort you had built

Remembering the past is foggy in your head

The foggy days are becoming clear

You wanted to escape for so long

The escape from school, work, friends

You are searching through your brain of why you wanted the cold and darkness

You are so far buried in it now, you struggling to see the up side of things

You manage one arm out from the tundra of coldness

Your fingers frantically search to find the tip of the covers, trying to pry it off of your head

The light hits and burns your eyes, you flinch away and roll to your side

You give one last push of signals from your brain hoping it will get to your legs

“Move! Move! Move” You try and prod yourself like an animal

One eye flies open and you expect pain

There is nothing to harm you

Like a baby, you look up to a new world

A new world is exactly what it is

A new world of Spring

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