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March 25, 2012
By WooWoo BRONZE, St.louis, Missouri
WooWoo BRONZE, St.louis, Missouri
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Believe in god no matter what because he is always here no matter what.

Why do people target me when i'm down
when they see i'm sad or have a frown
it's like they know when i'm already mad
they pick a reason to make me stay sad
when im in that mode i don't want to talk to anyone or associate
because at that time i think everyone is fake
i promise i dont like to shut down as much as i do
but when im frustrated i get treated like a fool
when im frustrated things are harder than they may seem
sometimes i really wish being in DYS was just a dream
i am really trying to work on myself and change
and change my ways and how i behave
im really trying to find new coping skills for when i'm down
cause instead of being positive i act like a clown
im really trying to get myslef together
cause i really dont want to be mad at the world forever
lord im praying for a new me
so everyone can see the light and the changed me
cause i cant repeat the cycle of this bad and destructive history

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