March 25, 2012
Envy is a sin.
I’m told to be myself,
To be proud of what I have and to act
As though nothing’s wrong.

But something is wrong.
I can’t deny the truth
In the envy I feel while staring
Into that pretty white balloon.

Envy is inevitable
Though it knows how to hide
Behind a smile that never falters.
I know how to look past that pretty white balloon.

But it’s still there,
Both the sin and the torment with the smile that never falters
They’re there and no one knows.
No one ever knows.

Sorrow is pathetic.
Envy is a sin.
I know both to be true.
And yet both exist because of that pretty white balloon.

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Erebus_Wildfire said...
Mar. 27, 2012 at 9:53 am
The piece is unique and has a classical element to it that defines it. I like it!!
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