March 25, 2012
By lost_in_a_book BRONZE, Mumbai, Other
lost_in_a_book BRONZE, Mumbai, Other
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Brick by brick
They built my house.
They built each wall;
So tall.
They built me
A home,
To shelter me
From wind and sun;
To keep me safe
From everyone.
When I want
To look outside,
There’s a window,
With curtains open wide.
Sometimes I feel
Trapped inside
The four walls-
Then I push open
The door
And go outside,
Till when I want
To come back once more.

Then they built
Four more walls;
Not with bricks
Or stones or sticks
But with thoughts
And what they said,
Which trickled in
Bit by bit
Into my head.
They said don’t
Talk to them;
They told me we
Were better than them.
Preferences ,
Stacked one
On top of another.
A wall formed
Between me
And those who could be
My friends;
If not for the walls,
Mental barriers,
Which have no doors
Or windows either.

The author's comments:
I wrote 'Walls' as an assignment for a creative writing club I was a member of. Writing it, I thought I was writing on cultural barriers. But later, I realized it was more than just that. We create mental walls in our mind everyday: between people of different religions, generations, or something as trivial as looks or interests. Don't let yourself be trapped in a prison by walls you have built yourself. Let go of the meaningless barriers. Break down your walls.

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