Left alone

March 24, 2012
By chrissy1225 BRONZE, Philly, Pennsylvania
chrissy1225 BRONZE, Philly, Pennsylvania
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When you left i didn't know what to do
you left without knowing how much it will hurt me
just knowing that you felt like it was the best thing
as i stood there wanting to run after you i begun to cry
cry because i didn't understand how this will be best for me at all
just wondering what went wrong
my mom is in tears but by the looks of it she try and stay strong
like an animal who knows there on their way out but try and push through
that's my definition on how it looks
you finally walk out of the door
and I'm now drowning in my own tears
while my body is filled with fear
This believe it or not is how i Imagine it would have felt
to see you leave me
in a sense i went through the pain
because all i know is your name

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