March 24, 2012
By Nicholas.C GOLD, Terrell, Texas
Nicholas.C GOLD, Terrell, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
Follow your heart.

Born into this world before my time
Everyday I'm made to pay the price
Shrinking away from the blistering sunlight
Unable to fully open my eyes

All my life I've been forced to endure suffering
Because of my blind plight
Hateful words from heartless souls nurturing my hatred for
This, my one and only life

Drowning in despair
Falling to a place
Without life, without love, without air

When I'd lost all hope
An angel from another world
Came to show me the meaning of strength

With her heart the world's beauty was born anew
We danced together all those starry nights
Until one day the life left her gentle eyes
She now rests where the flowers bloom

Even when my rose-colored love withered away
I held onto the hope
I swore that this time my faith was here to stay
I made this life my own

Hanging by a rope
Tied around your throat
Choking away your youth as you go blue

Life is your fantasy
Life is reality
Even your wildest dreams can become the truth

Kanashimi, no, not today
God as my witness
I won't let the sorrow sweep you away

You'll never have to feel alone again as long as I'm alive

I'll cut the rope from your neck
I'll stand watch at the side of your bed
Until the life flows back into you

Look there at the setting sun
Casting its rosin rays across the open plains
A million miles away from everything

There's no one here
It's just you and me
So tell me all your broken dreams
We'll fix them, together

Humanity's asleep, shaking violently 
The Earth begs us to wake up
I pray that one day everyone will see
There's more to life than empty love

You may be different
That's what gives you beauty
Never back down

If you decide to live,
I'll support you

You and I are friends
That share a common dream
Without a doubt

I would give my life
To save you

The author's comments:
Kanashimi is a Japanese word meaning sorrow.

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