March 24, 2012
By Itsawhisper BRONZE, Pikeville, North Carolina
Itsawhisper BRONZE, Pikeville, North Carolina
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The clock struck midnight,
And she runs out,
Her hair coming loose,
Her breath in the air.

You follow,
Not wanting to lose her,
Not even for a second.

A slipper,
All that is left.

You never gave up hope,
You wait and wait,
And the message is clear,
You love her more each second
She is gone.

A glace was all it

You know it was her .
Forget the shoe.

Her eyes meeting yours,
Was all you needed.

A glance was all it took,
A passing moment when the clock
Struck twelve.

And she was running from the prince,
And straight to

The author's comments:
I really hope everyone notices the fact that sometimes the prince isn't the one you need to be with.

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