Love is my Stranger

March 24, 2012
By MutedThoughts BRONZE, Toronto, Other
MutedThoughts BRONZE, Toronto, Other
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Pain is no stranger of mine

Although love was
I gave you my fragile heart
With the hopes that it would be safe in your hands
“Guard it with your life:”
I said to you
“Because my life is what I have given you”
Oh, but how I was deceived
Blinded by lust
And lied to with such sweet lies
I watched as the light faded
And I was swallowed by the darkness of my own reality
I realized
Love was better off a stranger
For as a stranger
My heart
Was intact
Now what am I left with?
A heart that was as delicate as a feather
And is now destroyed by the one thing that brought me happiness?
Love was better left as a stranger.

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