The Warning Sign

March 24, 2012
This Is the warning that comes with this girl,
Yes as you can see she's a rare golden pearl,
Yes she's striking in her very strong stride,
Always walking with that very same pride,
Beautiful as can be,
But as you can see,
This is not a welcome warming,
This is one fair warning.

Do not linger for long,
Because you will hear one sweet song,
A song like an angel,
At so many angles.
Leave for the door before it's too late,
Because this is something you didn't anticipating.

As you will get closer your heart will soon ache,
Soon your heart will be in the clutches of this girl,
The very same golden pearl,
But for your own sake,
Go at a slow rate.
Because you will fall in endless love,
Like one soaring dove,
Always longing,
Thinking whether you should of listened to this warning.

They're many who followed your same path,
Not many getting away from her inviting wrath.
Now holding many in her hands,
And always gathering more fans,
Now needing fixing with a crew,
The damage is already done to you.

All because you didn't read the warning label,
That was right on her table,
When she tried to tell you,
What you thought, was a fable.

Her story of men falling in love with her,
And you thought it was lie, for sure.

Now look,
You're just another hot hook,
In her very large chapter book.

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WildCard10000 said...
Mar. 11, 2013 at 10:03 am
Woah.. YOu have a way with words. This has so much meaning behind it.
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