March 14, 2012
By Anonymous

The outer me is very short and pale.
Always trips over things in her path and stumbles over her words.
Her lengthy chocolate hair obscures her blushing face.
No one notices her that much as she is a figure in the background.
She tries to help others but has difficulty in knowing what to say.
With her friends, she excited to let her voice be heard,
But it often comes out shrill and annoying because she becomes too animated.
Even when she is too shy or too obnoxious, she has a smile for everyone.

My inner self shares the trait of shyness.
There is more to her, however.
Her mind is constantly racing from subject to subject.
She enjoys many hobbies, like drawing, reading, and playing music.
She plans ahead and looks toward the future.
She worries about people, animals, and the rest of the world.
She wants to learn many things but never has time to do so.
My inner self is quite similar to my outer self,
But can spread her wings.

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