Think About It.

March 14, 2012
By Mal15 SILVER, Lonsdale, Minnesota
Mal15 SILVER, Lonsdale, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain.

When we were babies our parents teach us how to talk.
What words are acceptable
and which are never to be uttered.
Why is it then that we use such foul language with our peers?
With the people we call friends?
And even those we call family?
Why do we say things like,
“She’s fat”,
“He is so nerdy” and,
“You’re r*******”.
Do people not understand how hurtful these phrases can be?
Do you ever think that the girl you call fat is depressed because her parent’s keep her up all night fighting about the simplest of things?
Do you ever think that the boy you call nerdy may be the leader of us all someday?
And do you ever think about those people who you call r*******?
Do you even understand what that word means?
Think About It.
When we start school we learn our ABC’s and 123’s.
We learn how to control our behaviors and how to act around others
Why is it then that I see thing’s like, “She sleeps around with ANYBODY”, “He needs to die”, and “They need to go back where they came from”.
Do you ever think she craves attention from anyone because she doesn’t get any at home?
Do you ever think he wishes it himself?
And do you ever think “where they came from” is unsafe and they are only trying to find peace?
Do you ever try to step into others’ shoes and see what they see?
When were we taught that this is okay?
When was this deemed expectable?
Think About It.
When we get a job we learn responsibility and ambition.
We learn what needs to be done to succeed and what things can be skipped.
This is the real problem.
We skip anything
we think unnecessary
But who are we to decide
what doesn’t need to be done?
Think About It.
In life we are taught many things,
Speaking the Truth
Why is it that mothers fear to sleep at night because of their husbands?
Why is it that family members are lost in a pointless war
where gaining power is the only reason why?
Why is it that there is a hole in the ozone?
Why is it that every 15 seconds
a child is orphaned?
Why is it that girls need to be wary of every man they see,
out of fear of being sold into prostitution or a sex slave?
Why is it that 25,000 people die each day from starvation while you throw away perfectly good food?
What has happened to all those things we are taught?
Why is it that all we seem to be able to accomplish is killing each other?
I want future generations to live without fear
To eat enough to keep their tummies full
And to enjoy all the things Mother Earth has to give us.
I fear that it won’t be possible to live in a world like that.
I fear we are to caught up in the things that can be “skipped” to realize what's right in front of us
Think About It.

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