My World

March 14, 2012
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There's this world,
That I'm stuck in.
There is nothing,
Nothing at all.
It's cold,
And lonely.
There is no one their.
I see, hear, and feel

Then there is you.
In a world better
Then mine.
You can see, hear, and feel things
Unlike me.
Your not trapped,
You have freedom.
You understand things more then I do
And know how to finish your life.

I need help
Out of my world.
I want to have the things you do,
I want to be free.

You’re the one
That finds me.
You pull me to the side
To help me through.
You tell me what it's like
On the other side.
You tell me one more thing,
"I love you."
You give me a hug
And guess what,
My life changes.

My world is turned into yours.
I can see, hear, and feel now.
It's the best thing ever.
I have freedom like you do.
You changed everything for me,
You changed my world.

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