March 14, 2012
That moment
when the tears just won't go away
and you're just so tired of pretending

You're tired of coming home to a house you hate
And you don't know why you suddenly feel this way
because truthfully you had a great day

But all you really want is someone to call you up
and tell you they care, that they're there for you.
You just want someone you love
to give you a hug
but you know that don't happen,
so you keep quite and cry silent tears

and when someone asks you what's wrong
you lie and say nothing your eyes just itching
and they obviously don't really care
because they take it at face value
and leave you alone with your fear

and really
if you want the truth
you're waiting for that one person
who'll tell you you're not okay
and won't leave you alone
no matter what you say

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