Why would someone do this?

March 14, 2012
By hugeNYRfan BRONZE, Glen Rock, New Jersey
hugeNYRfan BRONZE, Glen Rock, New Jersey
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Bullies are our every day lives, they are in our school and in our nightmares.They are a part of us.It seems like we cant live without them- we cant out run them, out grow them, or make them leave us. They can do permanent damage, like grafiti where everony can see it-cyberbullying. But it makes us stronger, it makes who we are, now or will be. We learn how to fight them, and get rid of them. So dont you get sad, about what they said to you ar what they posted. As a wise book said:"Bullies are cowards st hearts". We are stronger than them. Show them who you are, and be bully-free.

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