March 15, 2012
By breilly2223 BRONZE, Holliston, Massachusetts
breilly2223 BRONZE, Holliston, Massachusetts
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The storm is over and the black clouds and cold rain are gone.
But I’m still left here in the cold.
The fresh new days await me.
But I have the scars.

You left me alone in the dark and now you’ve come back.
You think you can just have my trust.
You still expect me to forgive you.

But I have the scars.

I dealt with the hard times.
You were able to leave.
Now your problems are my fault, not yours.
But I have the scars.

The storm’s winds whipped me like your harsh words.
The icy rain came like glass and put holes in me when I was vulnerable
I scrambled to save the things I loved but it was too late
And now I still have the scars.

Whatever you do won’t be enough.
The damage is done.
It can’t be reversed.
Because I have the scars.

That is the difference between you and me.
I am strong you are weak
Because I have the scars you left me

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