Hate, Death, and Love Songs

March 15, 2012
By PrestonRoss GOLD, Berthoud, Colorado
PrestonRoss GOLD, Berthoud, Colorado
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When I get up in the morning,
As I look out the window,
I say to myself,
“Why do I do this every single day”,
I do it to survive,
To survive the world,
As it beats you down,
As you run the underground,
Run the world that is low,

As I walk down this street,
And I look at the people,
All I see is death,
Death in spirit,
And joy,
All I see is black and white,
Sadness and cheer,
Orange juice and tooth paste,
Boys and girls,

I’m sick of the couples,
The love songs,
The hate,
The world will never understand us,
The singles of life,
We ignore the bad,
And all the love,
We say what we mean,
And we mean what we say,
They don’t get it,
Why we are the way we are,
They think that we like it,
They are wrong,

We are proud when we are,
We are proud when we’re not,
We see the good in everything,
As we ignore the bad,
I feel it inside me,
The anger,
It swells inside me,
Like a bright burning fire,
As the sun at noon,
I hate it and it hates me,
We wage wars,
Sometimes I win,
Sometimes it does,
I hate it and it hates me,
The name calling,
The teasing,
The couples,
The hate,
The death,
The love songs,
I hate it,
And it hates me

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