March 15, 2012
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He’s going fast
He’s not going to last until the summer
I don’t want to see him go
I don’t want him to die, of course not
He’s been with me longer than anyone
Always there when I cry
Waiting for me after a long day of school
Always there to make me feel a bit better
My dog, my chocolate lab
One of my best friends for thirteen years
Yet, he’s dying
I don’t want to be with him in the end
I don’t want to watch the life fade from his brown eyes
The same which made me laugh
When it’s his time to go, I don’t want to be there
I know it’s horrible to say
I should be there
I’m his friend
But who wants to see a friend die?
After so long
I’ve become hardened to the truth that I’ve tried to push away
He’s going to die soon
He’s in pain, a tumor inside him causing him to breathe like his lungs are ablaze
I don’t want him to suffer
I know it’ll be quick
But I don’t want to come to the vet with him
Don’t want to kiss him goodbye in the waiting room
Bawling as I hold his head, wishing he could stay
The kids around me with young dogs watch in sadness as he goes
Watch as I go outside
Running until I get into my mom’s car
I don’t want to watch
I don’t want to see
I know this is part of life
But I don’t want to see it happen
Not to my friend
Not my dog
He’s gone
He’s gone
My brother uses my shoulder to cry on
My mother and father are crying too, using each other for shoulder to cry on
But my crying buddy is gone
And I have no shoulder to weep on as I feel my heart collapse
My Friend Is Gone

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