Rot! (Letter To His Killer)

February 28, 2012
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I never wanted that bullet to go through,
I never imagined what it would do

The day you took my brother,

You thought it would make you look tougher.

But there’s nothing you can do,
As I dream of killing you

Your eyes always wandering around,

And you jump when you hear the smallest sound.

I’ll destroy your crowd,
Then I’ll break your crown

There’ll be no one else,

Just you and myself.

Pull you lower,
Drag you under

Tell the devil what you caused me,

You took my beloved SD.

You took his life,
And now you think you’re such a badass

You know you’re not,

I hope you rot.

Chasing you down,
Slamming you onto the ground

You’ll want to fight back,

You’re fists won’t cause a crack.

I’ll pull out the blade,
Remembering Danny’s pain

Cutting you up,

Paying for what you have done.

I’ll see you bleed,
Knowing it’s not much fun

Then there’ll be whispers in my ears,

Causing me more fears.

Stomping on your skull,
Hearing your shouts in the hall

Breaking your ribs,

As you try to stop me with your fibs.

Pulling out your throat,
And I’ll think of how much it hurts;

You’ll keep begging for the pain to stop,
All I’ll say, “Rot!”

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