What will you do for love?

February 28, 2012
I watched you die, slowly from the inside,
how did no one else see it? Not see as you fell farther and farther.
I reach down to pull you back up as I've done before.
But this time I find I cannot reach you,
you've gone farther from my grasp.
I cannot save you.
Am I the only one who wishes she could?
With all the lies you told can I be sure anything I say is true.
Why do I care exactly? You're gone it's all the past, it wasn't my fault.
Is it? It can't be, I didn't tell people they could treat you badly, I didn't give you a gun and tell you to do it.
Why would I?
You were that best friend no one else saw but was always there.
You always said I was a follower, look where I'm following you to now.
I'm feeling the pain you felt, but then it's gone. I hear you yell and now we live in the world no one believed in.

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