Typical Teenager

February 21, 2012
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Look behind my scars,
Far Far away,
You might just see the happy girl,
That’s starting to fade away.
Look back to the past, and notice who I was.
You’ll notice now that who I am, isn’t really me.
Look beyond my smile,
Beyond my fading face,
Look beyond my pain,
You might just feel the same.
Look past my tears,
And past the fallen blood.
Pass all of that and you will have fallen.
Fall where I have fell,
Then you might notice too,
This life I live is nothing but a show I put on for you.
Look past my fake smile,
Past my fake outside,
Then you will see what .
Go down deep enough,
You might get to my heart.
See the crack in it?
You’ll know what fell apart.
Travel through my blood,
And look up at my skin,
You might just see the scars that show deep within.
Look beyond the scars,
Beyond my fading arm,
Maybe then and only then will you understand.

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