Move On Alizabeth

March 1, 2012
By agallo BRONZE, Kings Park, New York
agallo BRONZE, Kings Park, New York
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Move on Alizabeth—
Keep on going.
Don’t fight fire with fire and
Don’t renounce life as a whole,
I’ve seen you experience this prior
So please just listen to me…
I know you’ll make it.

You’re too strong to proceed being weak.
It’s not over just yet,
You have time to grow—reach your destination.
Sweetie, don’t let this be a threat.
Don’t let go of that ladder now.
It won’t break. I promise you.
Now, keep on climbing Alizabeth.

Remember that story I told?
The night where it was just you and I;
The advice and guidance I tried to provide.
I held onto you and let the river run free,
Just to show you I’m always here.
Although you departed momentarily,
I know it sunk into your ocean of worry.

This is going to pass soon—
That’s the truth.
You’re sleeping right now Liz,
In a dream of sorrow and despair;
Where you’re too weak and cannot bear…
Yourself, others, or anything in your surrounding.

Now Alizabeth—
Please open your eyes,
And dream a different dream.

The author's comments:
This is a piece where I'm writing in the voice of my mom.

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