Trying to Survive

March 1, 2012
By Deszy_Love BRONZE, Ypsilanti, Michigan
Deszy_Love BRONZE, Ypsilanti, Michigan
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My heart skips a beat
As I look at the papers in my hand
The order for my unwinding
This can’t be, it’s not fair.

I thought I was being good,
I was trying to get life back on track
I know I’ve made a few mistakes
But it shouldn’t end like that.

I gotta leave tonight
Because in the morning there’re coming for me
The key to being an AWOL unwind is,
Surviving until I’m 18

A long and dangerous Journey awaits me
I sit back and laugh as I think
How life could be so mean,
How my parents love me so little they
Would order to unwind me.
“100% of you will still be alive, just in a divided state.” the law says.
“Whatever,” I think, “To me it’s dead.”

As I’m waling down the streets
Trying not to be seen
I gotta get out of town, out of state
Before morning hits or they’ll catch me.

My heart beats faster and faster
As I’m running for my life
The Juvey-Cops are shooting tranq bullets at me
But I’m not going down without a fight?
Suddenly a bullet hits me,
And I’m down for the count.
The back of my right leg has gone numb
Two seconds later I black out.

I awake 12 hours later,
With a stabbing pain in my right leg
I sit up and look at the lavender painted room.

“What’s this?”
“Where am I?” I scream out loud
But my voice is only a whisper.
I start to really get scared
As I look up in front of me
There stands an instructor

“Welcome to Happy Jacks Harvest Camp.”
Says the lady dressed in a Hawaiian shirt,
Harvest camp I think to myself as her voice fades into the background

As I look around the room once more
I say to myself
“....Harvest camp is Hell masquerading as Heaven.
I lay my head back on the bed and slowly drift asleep.

The author's comments:
Inspired by the book Unwind by Neal Shusterman

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