The cycle of fear

February 29, 2012
By DingDongRandom SILVER, Diamond Bar, California
DingDongRandom SILVER, Diamond Bar, California
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A Dark fire that burn your soul,
it chars the very heart,
it makes courage cringe,
this evil,
this fire,
is fear,
This fear is a knife,
a knife to logic and reasoning, it cuts down deeply, straight into the heart,
it veils the logic of man,
Fear is the bane of courage, the knife to reason, the fire that burns the soul..

A knife is held out towards you,
the very sight of the knife creates fear,
at its presence, logic and reason vanish,
at its presence courage dissipates,
the knife seems to grow larger
the presence banishes all resistance and courage,
then a dark black flower blooms in your soul,
Fear, kills reason, it kill logic, leaving destruction in its path..

A bleak black plain of darkness,
it's presence is menacing,
but after encagement, courage dares to journey forward and escape,
a fire burns, lights start to rise in the horizon.
The never ending darkness, starts to end,
a steady beam of light shot down on to the plain of darkness,
the reign of darkness ends,
Courage reappears, and fear gives way.

Life, is in a continuous battle between courage and fear.
Courage will fight against fear,
fear will always fight courage,
Nobody will will,
But a reign of darkness can be shortened.

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