Never Again

February 29, 2012
By XxsurrendertofatexX BRONZE, Palos Hills, Illinois
XxsurrendertofatexX BRONZE, Palos Hills, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"Every clothe has it's rips and it's tears, and no matter how hard we try to sew them back perfectly to the way it started out, that will never happen. But that's ok, even though it's gone, it was once there. And that's what matters." - Jacqueline Kay

Always and Forever,
That's what you say.
But no,
Not ever.
Certainly not today.

Never going to fight.
Never going to cry.
Never again,
When I'm in your sight.

I heard your whisper.
I saw your tears.
But I just can't do it,
I hate it here.

I've only let one person in.
And from my mistakes,
This cause of emptyness,
Never again.

The author's comments:
No, this was not written after a break up. (everyone asks that.)

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