Self Harm By Marker

February 29, 2012
By , Walpole, MA
The words written there,
The ink has bleed,
Upon my heart which did the same,
Feelings secretly expressed,
Seeking for release,
Taking the safer road; afraid of risk,
Everyone sees your flaw,
The dangerous one; begged to stop,
Mine fade into the night,
Gone by light,
Even if you saw,
What would you see?
Could you read desperation,
It’s also in my eyes,
Watch your blood clot,
Watch yourself heal,
My wounds are not of the flesh,
They don’t heal,
You walk with scars,
I’ll have none,
When we’re both done,
Well then, fear for me,
Cuts won’t bleed again,
No threat remains,
My invisible harm,
Always lives on inside,
I cannot heal,
The ink cannot be erased,
The harm I could not perform,
Weakness grows larger,
One day,
These sugar sweet pink secrets,
While remaining as hidden as they are today,
Will bring on my demise.

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