The Unheard

February 29, 2012
By PLayingPreteND SILVER, Minneapolis, Minnesota
PLayingPreteND SILVER, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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We are the silent scream that no one hears.
We are the ghosts in a haunted house,
But most of all we are the unnoticed footprints in the sand.

We sit there in silence and hear them talking,
But we’re not included.
We sit in the background fading like dust on an empty shelf.

At lunch we gather and talk,
We have fun and laugh,
But when we return to our seats in class,
We are the carpet that everyone dirties and step on.

When we’re together, we have a bond.
When we’re separated we have nothing but ourselves.

I know six girls and one guy just like me.
Our opinions are trampled by a stampede of students.

The first one has a nasty tongue,
But is a sweet person at heart.
The second one teases us,
But has no bad intention.
The third one looks shy,
But has a humorous side.
The fourth one is always smiling,
No matter the situation,
The fifth one is bubbly,
And always laughing.
The sixth one is loud and amusing,
And we never get tired of her.
The guy I know is always listening to our problems,
And complaints.

I see all of this, so why can’t anyone else?
We are the ignored and “quiet”
Ones, the ones that no one wants to get to know.

We are a giant cake,
As you take more bites,
The sweeter we seem,
And the more you want us.
All you have to do is take that first bite.

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