I remember

February 29, 2012
By PLayingPreteND SILVER, Minneapolis, Minnesota
PLayingPreteND SILVER, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Their backs are turned,
I try to run and catch up
But I’m left behind.
My grasp on them is slipping,
And like a whisper they fade.

I used to laugh and have fun,
But now my chuckles are
Empty and hollow.

In class I put on a brave front,
When in reality I’m cringing
In fear and despair.
I cower in alarm because I don’t want to get too close to anyone,
I know that if I do,
Then like a puzzle piece I’ll break apart
And have to start over again.

Life is an hourglass waiting to be flipped,
So we can start over again.

I used to think that you were naïve and stupid.
I remember when you found out I talked about you behind your back.
But most of all I remembered the look of sadness,
and pain cross over your face.

Remember that time when I had no one,
And you were the only one to hold out your hand?
Remember when you said you forgive me?
I do.
Because that was the day I changed and learned to trust.

I trusted you to help me put my pieces back together,
Just like a puzzle.
A finished puzzle now complete and put up for display.

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