I will save you...

February 29, 2012
By PLayingPreteND SILVER, Minneapolis, Minnesota
PLayingPreteND SILVER, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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When I look into your eyes,
I see a lonely blank stare.
When people see you, their first impression is that you’re shy.
But in reality it’s that you can’t bear
the thought of someone seeing the real you.
When you talk to people you avert
your eyes and refuse to gaze into theirs,
for if you do, hate consumes you,
because you wish that you too,
could be as kind and generous as them.

Every day I see you hope.
I see you hope for a savior to come down and save you.
Save you from this wretched nightmare named reality.
I see you hope for someone to evoke your hatred until it’s all gone
so you can start anew.
But you knew that nothing would change.
Or so you thought…

Today I saw you
and today will be the day that I look you in the eye
and share your burden.
Today I will carry your light with me
And show people how your hope and your courage
Has changed your life,
For tomorrow, you might change another’s life too.
Just like how somebody else has changed mine.

The author's comments:
my theme is "You are not alone"
i wrote this thinking about the people who feel alone in the world and i just want those people to know that they aren't alone

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