You're my queen

February 29, 2012
By Ziling LU BRONZE, West Branch, Iowa
Ziling LU BRONZE, West Branch, Iowa
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When I first saw you, I didn’t know you are my queen.
You are kind of crazy;
You are kind of silly;
But you are versatile;
Sometime you are so feminine.
When I am feeling bad;
When I am feeling lonely;
When I am feeling angry;
You will always be with me.
Let me get away from the “Black Hole”

“ Do you want some?”
This was my first sentence I said to you.
“ Of course, why not?” You smiled.
At that time, your smile was deep in my mind.
I don’t know why,
Maybe it’s because of some chemical reaction.

As the time passed,
We started to get to know each other.
We played pool together.
We ate dinner together.
We watched movies together.
When I wanted to talk to somebody,
The first person that appeared in my mind was you.

When I knew more about you,
I realized that you are an amazing person
You never hide from yourself;
You are a real person.
When I talk to you, I feel so good.

You never do something which you don’t like to do.
I admire you.

If I am a bird, you are my sky.
If I am a fish, you are my river.
If I am a sunflower, you are my sun.
If I am a king, you are my queen!

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