Path to Heaven

March 17, 2012
By DingDongRandom SILVER, Diamond Bar, California
DingDongRandom SILVER, Diamond Bar, California
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A lonely soul,
traveling into the depths of the underworld and to the pinnacles of the heavens,
was greeted into the dark and brooding underworld with a black bleak plain.
With bravery, he trudged across the plain where countless souls had forgotten their purpose.
Even with mindless souls littered around him, the scholarly soul trekked forward.
He told himself, “See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil, and no evil will befall upon you”
This logical soul was a philosopher, he understood in order to obtain ying you must obtain yang.
Without any qualms,
he delved deeper and deeper into the depths of the underworld.
The farther he went, the darker it got.
But the plain stared to rise into a hill.
Suddenly huge protruding roof could be seen over the hill
The soul pulled himself over the hill,
he saw what no other could see,
huge, dark, eerier, looming buildings built with black bricks,
palaces that were adorned with gold and black,
torches along the cobblestone streets, that burned a black flame.
Pale souls white souls that slowly trudged to their destination, as if time was not a issue,
roofs that escalated to a point, where it seemed to puncture the sky,
but above all that was a blackish yet white mist
it gave the citadel the ghostly milieu it possessed.
The mist, laid heavily upon the city, swirling around on its own accord,
its hands grasped at souls,
encased buildings,
protecting the city,
luring unwary souls into the heaven of the burning inferno
The soul armed with his knowledge, journeyed through the city,
he resisted all temptations,
he turned down money that was offered to him,
food that was given to him,
and walked on.
Even through the culmination of his enticement,
he walked on.
No matter the temptation, he turned them down.
He was only aware of the cobblestones under his feet and the street ahead of him.
He walked through the temptation and did not stray from his path.
With his eyes glued forward, and the temptations and evil behind him, he started to climb the looming mountain.
With fierce determination, the scholar climbed upwards.
With all his might, he pulled himself up and continued in his culmination.
He reached the summit, he climbed to the pinnacle,
then at the top,
a white light shot down.
The soul whispered, “Finally, I have reached heaven.”
Heaven for this soul was here.
The man slowly disintegrated into a fine ashen dust.
He turned to dust and rested for the rest of eternity.
Nothing would disturb him ever again.
His Heaven was here.

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