I Am Sorrow

March 17, 2012
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I Am Sorrow.
I am her broken heart.
I am her dreadful tears.
I am the reason she cries
I am the reason she weeps.
I am her screams in the dead of night.
I am her shallow breath in the wind.
I am her fingers wrapped around the trigger.
I am her only mean of escape.
It is me, you see
I am her last gasping breath.
I am her tight suffocating chest.
I am the bruises on her arms.
I am the puddles of blood on the cold floor.
I am the darkest corner of the room.
I am that line that she should have never

Only I can hypnotize
The happy little child into despair.
I drown her in her own desperation.
I starve her from light.
I am her death wish.
I am the gun in her hand,
The blade in her wrist,
The rope around her neck,
The pills through her veins,
The voices in her head.
I am her demons.
I am her murderer.
I am

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