For the Trees

March 22, 2012
By bluefeatheredbird BRONZE, Twin Cities, Minnesota
bluefeatheredbird BRONZE, Twin Cities, Minnesota
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In the middle of warm
Sleepy night,
In spring
Coming on June
In a house on a road
Where the stars shone
Trying to out-shine the moon

Under the same moon as well
A forest of pine and birch dwell
The shadows they make
Your breath it will take
As cars with great speed pass it by
In the woods of which is said
Is a clearing where moonlight is
And a single lone tree that has been brought to its knees
By unstoppable winds no doubt.

And for all the years it stood there
Saw by passers by
It fell alone
By winds, by storm
With no one to hear its cry.

But in the middle of warm
Sleepy nights
I bid well to the trees that fall
For all that is seen but not told
For someone to have, someone to hold
Hold all they had
Had seen
Because without them it’s just me
Me and their dreams
Under the bright shinning moon in the clearing.

The author's comments:
If you reading this, thank you. The trees are metaphors for anything that's worth remembering that has been over looked by others. Thank you for seeing my fallen trees.

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